12,000 Year History Park

Our Mission

In today’s world, people are reluctant to step away from their screens and for some reason, we are content with that.

Today, we ask you look away from your screens and look at the history right in front of you. Explore the land where Columbia was conceived.

Explore the 12,000 Year History Park – where history lies at your feet.

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Colonial times return to Cayce with 12,000 Year History Park Event Coladaily.com March 24, 2019 by Allen Wallace With thousands of visitors in the Midlands for March Madness, Cayce’s 12,000 Year History Park gave newcomers and residents alike a chance to experience life as it was long before basketball existed at all. The inaugural “March to Fort … Continue reading

March 23: March to Fort Congaree

The 12,000 Year History Park and partners invite families to explore Colonial Cayce as they walk the trail to the site of old Fort Congaree. Rediscover how this location was instrumental in forging a state and nation. Investigate period artifacts and converse with 18th-century-dressed historians. Programming includes historical demonstration and live cannon and musket firings! … Continue reading March 23: March to Fort Congaree

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